Hi. I'm Hannah, a Junior Web Designer based in Lancashire.

In July 2018, I graduated from Edge Hill University with a 2:1 in Web Design and Development. I have a big interest in Web Design, UX, and Web Marketing and am currently looking for an opportunity in one of these fields.

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Plant Care App Design

Plant Care App Design

Lots of people are buying plants without knowing how to look after them. This application is designed to help people take care of their plants at a basic level by reminding the user when and how to care for their plants.

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Headquarters Hair and Beauty

Headquarters Website Design & Development

Headquarters Hair & Beauty Salon, located in Parbold, is under new ownership. I was contracted by the new owner to create a new website to showcase their business. This project shows the process I have undertaken to design and develop the new website.

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Boohoo Navigation Redesign

Boohoo Navigation Redesign

The boohoo.com navigation on desktop has some issues. In this project, these issues are identified, and then improved on to make the site easier to use for customers.

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Optimal Navigation Position

Optimal Navigation Position (Dissertation)

Research has found that a lot of mobile users cannot reach the top of their mobile without having to change their grip on their phone. This project finds the optimal navigation position on a touch screen mobile so that this problem isn't an issue.

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BBC Subtitle Icon Redesign

BBC Subtitle Icon Redesign

The BBC media player is used across all websites, including those used by international audiences. This project involved redesigning the current subtitle icon on their media player, so that all audiences can easily interact with it.

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Rubyside Website Redesign

Rubyside Website Redesign

The Rubyside website is starting to look a little dated. The home page needs to be redesigned to bring it up to date with modern web page user interface trends, which was this project's purpose.

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Web Design & Development

Edge Hill University, 2015-2018

Grade - 2:1


Grade - 1st

My final year dissertation looked to find the optimal navigation position on a touch screen mobile device.

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Modules Studied

- Fundamentals of User Experience Design

- Profession Portfolio

- Usability Testing and Data Analysis

- Research & Development Project

- Web Application Development

- Research Pro-Seminar

- Mobile Applications & Game Analysis

- Fundamentals of Web Coding

- Legal, Social, Ethical & Professional Issues in Computing

- Server & Client-Side Scripting

- Data Driven Design

- Research & Development Methods



- CSS3

- UX

- Wireframing

- Agile Methodologies

- JavaScript

- Data Analysis

- User Research

- A/B Testing

- Prototyping

- Web Design

- Project Management


Second Place at the ROQ Defectives Challenge - Chorley (October 2017)

This involved 80 university students from across the North West finding as many defects as possible on different websites within a certain amount of time.

Defects Manager at the Edge Hill ROQ Defectives Challenge - Edge Hill University (October 2017)

This involved being a manager of a team and making sure their defects were valid before the team submitted them.


York College, 2013-2015

Grade - D*D*D*

Joseph Rowntree School, 2008-2013

IT, English Literature, English Language, Maths, French, DT Electronic Products, & Core Science

Work Experience

Recreational Lead


October 2020 - Present

In addition to my responsibilities as a Recreational Assistant, I am the go-to member of the team, including managing the rota, and covering and managing adherence to brand standards and site administration.

Recreational Assistant


September 2020

Edu-Lettings provide a fully managed lettings provision to schools and academies across the UK, allowing them to open up their facilities to the community safely and securely during evenings, weekends and school holidays.

As a Recreational Assistant, my role is to open and close the school's facilities during community lettings periods, making sure that all equipment is set out and put away properly before each booking and that the facilities remain clean and tidy at all times.

Code Coach

Lancashire and Greater Manchester

January 2019 - Present

Jam Coding run Computing Workshops, After School Clubs, Curriculum Lessons and e-Safety Courses to help educate young people about Computing. As a Code Coach, I travel to a variety of different primary schools every week, teaching a class of up to 30 children how to code.

As well as using several Coding Software Packages, we also use Stop Motion Animation Software & HD Cameras, Raspberry Pi's and our own laptops to develop the children's knowledge and skills in positive and creative ways.

During my time at Jam Coding, I have gained extensive experience of working with school-aged children in a classroom environment, covering topics such as Web Design, Code Combat, Robotics, Build a Computer, FX Stop Motion, Game Building and Minecraft Special. I have been able to develop my teaching skills as well as my knowledge of child safeguarding guidelines and procedures, after having completed training on this.

Jam Coding has core values introduced at the start of each session; Create, Collaborate, Communication with Confidence. This helps me increase the children's confidence when working as part of a team, enabling me to encourage the children to be open to sharing new ideas as well as implementing these ideas in their work.

Freelance Web Designer & Developer

May 2018 - Present

I designed, developed, deployed, and currently maintain a new website for the Hair and Beauty salon, Headquarters (headquarters-parbold.co.uk), located in Parbold, also designing and purchasing their new business/appointment cards, gift vouchers and price list brochures. In addition to this, I previously managed their Instagram account, and with my previous social media knowledge, helped to grow the salon's customer base via regular updates and communicating with the salon's customers.

Communication with the client has been maintained throughout this project. Myself and the client have had multiple meetings discussing all aspects of design, development & implementation. After the website was completed, the client was shown the final product and was very pleased with the website. This demonstrates experience in providing strong customer satisfaction.

A high attention to detail is needed when designing and developing a website as I must ensure that every single element on the website is working as intended.

Throughout this project I regularly work independently and under pressure, with strict time constraints, which helped me to create the final website before the client’s deadline and has enabled me to implement any updates or changes in a timely fashion.

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Sports and Leisure Assistant


March 2019 - July 2020

School Lettings Solutions offered schools, academies and colleges a comprehensive solution when it comes to hiring out their facilities to the local community during evenings, weekends and school holidays.

As a Sports and Leisure Assistant, my role was to open and close the school's facilities during community lettings periods, making sure all equipment was set out and put away properly before each booking and that the facilities remained clean and tidy at all times.

During my time at School Lettings Solutions, I demonstrated strong customer service skills. By answering queries, helping with equipment and handling bookings, I always ensured that lettings ran smoothly and clients were satisfied.

Primary ICT Teacher


June 2019 - October 2019

One day a week, I went into a primary school in Shevington to teach classes of up to 30 children in years 1-4 the primary computing curriculum. This covered technology safety, data handling, email, search engines, Microsoft Office, blogging & vlogging, coding, websites, smartphones, and apps.

Primary ICT Teacher


March 2019 - April 2019

One day a week, I went into a primary school in Whiston to teach multiple classes of up to 30 children in years 3-6 the primary computing curriculum. This covered online safety & reporting concerns, communication & how it has changed, social media safety, video content, web design, and coding.

During my time here, I demonstrated the ability to teach large classes of up to 30 children, both alone and with a teaching assistant. I have also demonstrated the ability to teach ICT using a variety of different devices; for example, I used both iPads and laptops in order to deliver lessons. Furthermore, I have experience in using classroom management techniques, such as clapping a well known rhythm and waiting for a response as well as other attention-grabbing actions in a classroom environment. I also have experience in curriculum-based lesson planning for a range of age groups, demonstrating my ability to appropriately vary lesson difficulty and content. Overall, my time teaching in Whiston has greatly improved my teaching skills, providing me with the tools necessary to be an effective primary ICT teacher.

Sales Support


December 2018

I worked on the tills, the shop floor and in the stockroom to ensure that the store runs as smoothly as possible during the Christmas period as well as the busy boxing day sales.

This has taught me to work productively while under pressure as well as working within a larger team than I was previously used to. In addition to this, working on the shop floor has helped me gain sales and customer service experience.

Placement Student


May 2018

During this placement with Boohoo, I spent the beginning of the week with the UX team and IT department, meeting various teams and learning about each of their functions within the business. For the rest of the week, I completed an individual project set by Boohoo, which was presented to a panel from the Boohoo team at the end of the week. The individual project that I was set, was to redesign the navigation on boohoo.com on desktop.

During this time, I learned how large companies operate, with many different departments working together. This demonstrated the value of having multidisciplinary teams that can work together and communicate effectively. Another thing I gained from this placement was how it feels to work under strict time constraints as I was only given a few days to complete my project.

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May 2018 - June 2018/September 2018 - July 2019

Code Club is a nationwide network of volunteers and educators who run free coding club for young people aged 9-13, which teaches them Scratch, HTML & CSS, and Python by making games, animations, and websites.

I have experience running Code Clubs in an after school club at a primary school in Ainsdale, as well as a Saturday club in Skelmersdale Library.

At Skelmersdale Library, the decision was made to allow younger children with a good grasp of IT to attend the sessions as well. As such, the youngest member of our Code Club was aged 3.

As the main volunteer, my role was to organise what projects the children were doing each week, monitor who was coming each week, as well as taking attendance, and then making sure that the children knew what they were doing, help them if they are struggling, and made sure they kept on track with the weekly project.

During my time at Code Club, I have taught numerous children how to code through weekly projects, and over the last few months the children put these newly learnt skills to use by taking part in a project where they used HTML and CSS to code their own website.

During my time as a Code Club volunteer, there have been members attending who require additional support. I have experience with individuals living with both autism and colour vision disorders.

I developed my communication skills, due to the variety of different ages present at the clubs. This has meant that I had to develop my ability to adapt information to suit my current audience. This came in useful when explaining things to both Code Club members as well as their parents and teachers. In addition to this, I developed my teaching skills, helping me to explain complex problems or concepts in a simple and effective way.

Furthermore, working as a Code Club volunteer has taught me the value of action planning and lesson planning. This has improved my organisational and planning skills, enabling me to set targets and desirable outcomes that are to be met on time. Another skill I have had to employ during my time as a Code Club volunteer was working as part of a team, working alongside another volunteer in order to ensure the sessions ran smoothly.

Litcraft Volunteer


July 2019

One day a week, I helped run a Litcraft session in Skelmersdale Library. Litcraft was developed by the Department of English Literature and Creative Writing at Lancaster University and is being showcased at libraries all over Lancashire. It uses the popular Minecraft gaming platform to build accurate scale models of maps from classic works of literature.

The children explored the book “Kensuke’s Kingdom” through completing challenges each week, based on chapters of the book.

In my spare time I like to take photos.

York Minster from City walls Wales Coast
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